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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween was pretty much the same as last. Zachary took the kids out to trick or treat and I stayed home to hand out candy. There was no way I was going to go waddling around the neighborhood.
Micah wanted to be her favorite princess.

Lily wore the costume Micah wore last year. We're not really sure exactly what it is though. Some sort of witch with wings.
Little Witch

Alyssa's friend, J, went trick or treating with them this year.

Alyssa expressed many many times last year and this year that she wanted to be a vampire.
Vampire Enchantress
and her friend, J, was a punk.
80's Punk and the Vampire
Once the sun started to set, Lily got scared and came back home. She was just fine staying with Mama and helping me hand out candy. Every time the door bell would ring, she would run excitedly to the door and say, "Open Mommy!" She had to see what all the other kids were dressed up as. The other girls had fun too. They came back with buckets full of candy and started stuffing their faces after I checked to make sure the candy looked safe.

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